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Staying Hydrated with a little extra Help!

Guys I am horrible at drinking enough water to stay hydrated. I’m sure I am not alone. I also tend to constantly need extra electrolytes when it comes to Pregnancy and Nursing.

So I started Researching.

I found that proper minerals, vitamin C and coconut Water seemed to help with keeping up the hydration without feeling like I had to guzzle so much water.

Right now I am prepping to breastfeed again with my 3rd baby that is due any day. And I am so excited to have found GreaterThan sports drink. it says sports because its amazing for working out. But I found it based off of increasing milk supply…yes please.

I never had an issue with enough milk but I could tell anytime I drank too much coffee or missed drinking my proper water intake, it would definitely dip.

So this time around I am stoked to have this in my back pocket. This is my second time trying it and OH My Gosh its good. my whole family looooves it. Safe for kiddos, Purified organic coconut Water, free of chemicals, gluten, added sugars, and its vegan:) They have sales all the time. And even cooler… you can use this Link Below to get $15 off your first order. Totally do it. You won’t regret it. I love adding my sulfurzyme powder to it for extra minerals. So good.

~XO Han

6 thoughts on “Staying Hydrated with a little extra Help!”

  1. I saw this on IG, I can’t remember if you posted it or if I just saw that you ‘liked’ them, too, but I was just looking at them, and I feel like I need to order a few to stock up on when I have room in the grocery budget, for when baby comes! Last time I did Body Armor, which is better than so many options out there, but this looks so much better! And, it delivers right to my door. Win-win!


      1. I figured I’d better find you over here so I can keep up. 😉

        I’m so excited! How far out is the “best by” date on the carton, usually? I could drink it now, since I’m nursing the toddler still, but I’d mostly want it once baby comes.

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      2. ❤️❤️

        It last weeks before you break the seal! You could just keep it in a cool place until you are ready to drink it! I can’t remember the exact Best Buy date from my last batch I got.


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